Who are the experts?

For over a year, Americans and people around the world have been told to “Trust the Experts”.

But who are the experts?

And why should we trust them?

I love looking at the psychological drive and motivation of people and why they do the things that they do. Are people searching for power? Fame? Money? A pat on the back? Others to like them?

Our experts such as Dr. Fauci, Dr. Walensky, and many other experts in Finance, politics, and foreign affairs (for example) are only experts at the time because they are the people whose voices are amplified at the moment.

Which experts do you trust? And why do you call them an expert? Is it because you know that they have previous experience or that you have faith that they will lead through a difficult time? Do you trust yourself or your neighbor to do the right thing? Do you need constant intervention in your life by the government to dictate what can and cannot be done every moment you live.

We are living in some precarious times. Many in our nation do not know the history of our country or the history of other countries. They do not know the history of oppressive regimes nor do they care to understand them. Their day to day life is unaffected, so it is of no consequence to them, even though they would like to claim oppression. Unfortunately, because of their desire to hand freedom to the government, we soon will all become oppressed by the government our forefathers’ created to keep us from a dictatorial and monarchial oppression.

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